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N&N Logistics Inc.

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What We Do


Our company provides truckload services throughout North America via Dry Van, reefer, and flatbed. Using the best-in-class technology to source and to monitor all of your freight needs, we source approved carriers who are vetted and registered with safety, quality to ensure your freight is being loaded, in-transit, and being delivered.


We provide Less-Than-Truckload competitive prices for your freight needs of 6 or less pallets throughout North America. Whether you are moving volume, spot or an unplanned LTL. We can provide you with the rates and service you need to efficiently keep things flowing within your respective systems.


If you have heavy equipment, steel, or metal we can source capacity to provide affordable transportation solutions for your freight needs. Our approved carriers can provide capacity with or without tarps, with or without coil racks, and can properly secure your freight and provide the service you request to efficiently improve your day to day functions in your logistics needs


We provide partial truckload services throughout North America. If you have 8 to 12 skid spots that need to go as a partial, we can source solutions to meet cost, delivery, and target.


We provide expedited services via Dry Van, Cargo Van, or Straight truck. This is a time critical solution or unplanned solution for your needs to accommodate your supply chain. We hold our carriers to the utmost responsibility to provide proper communication and service that satisfies the customers they serve within our network.


If you have over-dimensional freight to move we can assist in finding an option that works best for your needs to safely and efficiently transport your oversized shipments. If you are in need of an RGN or B-train service we can assist in finding solutions the best fit your model and requirements.